Refund Policy

We believe our refund policy is extremely fair and goes beyond what is required by law on behalf of the consumer. Our commitment is to ensure you are happy with our service and our product.

By consumer law, you are entitled to a refund or repair or exchange or a credit if the products you have bought are:

  • faulty
  • significantly different to those shown or described to you
  • not doing what they are supposed to do.

When you buy, you should choose carefully. You don’t automatically get a refund for simply changing your mind, but we do offer the following policy:

  • Returning products purchased over the counter:
If you are not satisfied with your product, you will be entitled to a full refund within 14 days of purchase, provided the product is returned with the receipt and is in original condition. Furniture items taken at this time may incur a 10% cancellation charge to cover handling costs.
  • Returning products purchased over the internet:

 Contact us within 7 days of purchase first by phone or email before sending an item back. If the goods have not been despatched (and are not a Special Order), you will be entitled to a full refund. Refunds can only be made within 14 days of purchase and the goods must be returned in their original condition. You will be responsible for the cost of returning the goods to the depot, from where they were dispatched from. A handling charge of 10% will apply unless the item qualifies as a “Special Order”, in which case the charges mentioned below will apply.

Cancellation of Special Orders

Special Orders are placed either by phone, internet or over the counter whereby the stock is not held in store and must be supplied direct from the manufacturer, and in some cases built to order. This is not limited to furniture items.

 By placing an order, the customer agrees to accept the Terms and Conditions published on this site. If you want to cancel an order, a reasonable excuse should be provided and the following will apply:

  • Within 3 days of ordering, and prior to despatch (if despatch occurs within 3 days of ordering), a 15% cancellation charge will apply.
  • Once 3 days have passed from making the order, the customer is liable to lose any deposit monies paid, up to 50% of the normal retail value of the item.