About Us

Welcome to our store, a boutique supplier of unique furniture and home décor that believes in the value of quality products being supported with the best customer service possible.  Our dedicated team are on hand to make sure your expectations are met and that you ultimately enjoy the items you purchase. Items that inspire you to say “iwannagohome”….

We know the furniture business well and are more than just an online retailer. We have a dedicated in-house team that belong to the same company that imports our range of furniture on an exclusive basis.  We work closely with our overseas factory to ensure the products we need in Australia are made to the quality standards our customers expect, the shipping lines to ensure we receive our stock on time, and our dedicated express carriers that complete the journey to your home. 

Our business started 25 years ago when our co-founder Peter, left Melbourne to establish a life in South East Asia. Singapore, Malaysia and ultimately Indonesia became home for him and his wife Tatiana. It was when they moved to the tropical paradise of Yogyakarta near central Java, that Peter began working with founder of Nova Solo Furniture, to create a globally accepted design and range of furniture that could be produced for everyone, and exported any where in the world.  This design was based on the Hamptons style of furniture and became known as the Halifax range of today.

Having worked with the design and production team in the factory to export the range to Euopean markets, Peter quickly wanted to establish the range in Australia.  And so began the process with Tatiana to relocate back to Melbourne in 2013 and start importing and supplying the Halifax range of furniture to Australian households. 

Since then, Tatiana has shared her passion of home décor, inspired by the Hamptons, with so many of our customers.  This passion is being seen through ranges of hand made home accessories, which are being made by Indonesian artisans exclusively for our range of home accesories. 

The team at iwannagohome are continuing the journey that Peter and Tatiana started, constantly evolving fresh ideas and carefully curating ranges of furniture and home décor. 

We invite you to be part of our journey too ...